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Best Cash Advance: Find A Best Direct Lender Before You Apply

Written By fani cantik on Thursday, January 23, 2014 | 6:21 PM

The best cash advance loan available to anyone needing emergency money would be through a lender who does not charge unreasonable fees. With a little bit of time spent researching direct lenders, you will be able to find one who keeps the extra cost down. Some companies know that customers are going through a hard time and they act accordingly. It is the predatory lender who will take advantage of someone in a financial crunch. Do your homework to avoid spending money you don't have to spare.

Most financiers understand that even low fee cash advance loans are potentially trouble come due day. Having to pay the loan in full along with the service fee is a hefty chunk of cash out of a single paycheck. For many, this payment puts the rest of the budget in jeopardy. Oftentimes, it takes a borrower at least a few paychecks to pay the money back. Who wants unnecessary charges?

The most common fee for a direct low fee advance is interest or service charge. Because these loans have a two week term on average, there is no time scheduled to earn interest. Direct lenders will attach a fee to the loan repayment in order to make money off of the loan. Using third party money is not free so don't be alarmed to see the added cost. A good lender would not charge any other fee if this money is paid on the original due date. There are some companies that try to sneak in application fees into the process. These predatory lenders will debit on average $30 from each applicant's bank account with or without an approval status. This fee can be avoided by looking for a "free application" message on their website or giving their toll-free number a quick call and asking point blank. Applying for a loan should always be free.

If you cannot pay back your loan on time, you will have to be prepared to pay extra in interest. There should not be any type of service charge for extending or rolling over a loan. Your interest charge should not change either. From term to term, your loan should continue to be processed the same unless you are told ahead of time. Hidden fees are a sneaky way for a predatory lender to take advantage of a borrower's inability to pay the loan off as planned.

The last thing anyone wants to have is a bad financial situation turn worse. Many folks who use these short-term loans and return to the direct lenders for additional loans at a later date appreciate the quick help when other opportunities are unavailable. The higher priced interest is understood and handled efficiently knowing that it will cost a little bit extra to make finances work. For those who have poor credit, it comes as a relief to get an emergency loan despite the high interest. The interest rate is something which can be researched as you try to find a best direct lender. Many lenders will offer lower than average rates to keep up with the competitive market. The good thing about finding a great lender is that once you do find one, future loans will be even quicker with a go-to direct lending company during a financial emergency.


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